22 Jun

Alright, a walgreens account has been created for photos, if you would like to get the information please e-mail me  [Katelyn Roskamp]  at:


I will gladly pass along the information!

Thanks for a great trip everyone, and for all the prayers from everyone back home! God is good!



They are on their way home!

21 Jun

Wow!  What a week it has been!  Even though we were not able to physically be there in Guatemala with the team, through this wonderful blog we were blessed with glimpses! I pray that you were as blessed as I was and that you got more accomplished at home or work, than I did, since I was glued to the computer!  🙂  I was talking with a friend yesterday and she said, “Isn’t it incredible that we talk so openly about the spiritual war going on in Guatemala, that we talk so easily about praying for protection, asking God to do miraculous things and yet here in Grandville we very rarely bring that up!?”  I have thought about that ever since.  She is so right!  I know that Kevin gives the team a challenge on the way home, to make sure that they remember how it felt to completely put yourself in Jesus’ care and let him be in the driver’s seat.  To remember that PRAYER is vitally important, not just that thing we do at meal times, or when we go to bed, but as an ongoing conversation with our best friend, Jesus.

This morning, I challenge myself, to remember that.  I want to live my life in awareness of the spiritual all around, I want Jesus to take the lead, and I want to continue this great conversation I have had with Him, every day…all day!  Even though this was the 10th time Kevin has lead a team, and I should be used to everything, it felt so different this year.  Prayer became such a vital thing for me, it is like oxygen.  I urge you to continue with me, the FERVANT PRAYERS, that you have been saying for each of the team members, but now for your own church leaders, the other teens in your church and for our city.  There is much brokeness here in Grandville, it is just hidden behind beautiful homes rather than out in the open with corn-stalks huts.

They left the base early this morning with their flight leaving Guatemala City at 9:45 am (11:45 our time).  They will land in Dallas, where I am sure the texts and calls will be happening immediately! 🙂 They will land in Detroit around 7:35 pm and will be met by the Door brothers who will help with the drive back to church.  I am not anticipating them to arrive at Ivanrest much before 11:30 pm.  I am sure you will be in contact with your team member and will know better.

If you are still addicted to the computer and want to be on it all day, you can track their flights by going to this website  there you enter American Airlines and the flight number for the different legs.  You will then be able to see exactly where the plane is!!  Very fun!

Have a blessed day and thank you once again for all the prayers!  Your prayers have been answered in some very remarkable ways!

In His Grip,

Kristy Van Wyhe

PS.  Here are their flight numbers and info!

AA 2162 Guatemala
9:45 AM Dallas 2:10 PM
AA 524 Dallas 3:55 PM Detroit 7:35 PM

monday morning post

20 Jun

Monday Morning 4:45 AM
The view was spectacular as the bumps in the steep and windy road brought us first up into the incredible beauty of the mountain tops and then down in to the valley where the focus of your prayers lead us. As we descended to this village filled with several hundred hungry souls, the beauty of the mountains hid the dangers of the road that separated from hundreds of feet nearly straight down. As we traveled to this village once again it was by faith and conviction that we were lead. Though the road was treacherous and the risk was high, we were actually safer in those moments on the road I believe than if we were back home traveling on the road to church. Through your prayers we traveled in the arms of the God who created the heavens and the earth, the God who separated the sea for the Israelites as they fled from Egypt, the God who brought victory to an army of just a couple hundred soldiers as they faced thousands alongside Gideon, the Savior who turned water to wine, the Savior who healed the sick and the blind & lame, the Savior who raised Lazarus from the dead, and our Savior and friend who died on the cross and rose again. The risk is high as we stick our necks out for God. But taking risks for His kingdom is what life with His is like. The disciples were called to risk everything to bring the message of salvation and so are we.
Last night as we drove into this remote village we walked into a place filled with open arms willing to play games, receive medicines, accept the love that we so much wanted to give them. The Holy Spirit began working immediately as we arrived at the School that would be the battle field over souls later that night.
As the time came for your team to sing and share testimonies, it was as if God himself was speaking through the brokenness in the hearts of the team members who risked opening up their lives to these complete strangers as they shared the grace and peace they had received through their personal Savior Jesus Christ. The words shared by the team were clearly the opening act of a wonderful eternal theater that we found ourselves a part of.
Hermano Jesus, filled with passion and “espiritu”, hit a home run again through the Holy Spirit as he offered the message of the Son of the Most High who gave his life for each person in that room. There was barely enough room in the packed out room to move. There were people outside on the shoulders of others trying to see inside and catch a glimps of what was taking place inside. It reminded me of what it must have been like for Jesus in the homes that He preached in as 2000 years ago the exact same drama was presented by it’s author.
As the people who spoke both Spanish and Catchical heard the call to come forward and accept the free gift that would transform them for eternity, it was as if the battle in their hearts had already been won through your prayers before the invitation was uttered. Normally there is a pause and then one or two will come forward and then as God convicts more souls let go and make their way to the front. This night was different. The room that was packed with people suddenly at the call to come to the front all in unison began moving to the center of the theater where the final act was about to take place.
The women are almost always the first to come forward and give their lives. Followed by the Children and then at the very end the pride of some of the men is broken and they allow themselves to step forward as well. Last night not even the men hesitated to move toward the front. “Cambia Mi Vida, transforma me, entra mi Corazon, escribe me nombre in el libro de vida.” As these words were repeated by over 150 men, women and children, I knew that our journey into the heart of Guatemala and into the hearts of the people here was nearly complete.
Words cannot express what took place last night. Normally on any given Sunday night we would find ourselves in front of a tv or a computer or on the phone or texting with a friend. On a normal Sunday back home we would be trying to squeeze every last second out of our weekend before we go to bed and have to get up and start another week of work or of school. This Sunday was so different. Last night we witnessed and had a hand in an entire village accepting Christ.
As we loaded up the vans and headed back in the dangerous foggy roads that would lead us back to the base, I knew that I would have to answer the call again and return to Guatemala with precious cargo of lives from the US that would be broken and used to grow the kingdom.
The journey here is nearly complete and we have witnessed God sighting after God sighting. We have felt your prayers carry us and lift us up over and over. Packed into vans we have traveled hundreds of miles over dangerous roads. We have shed blood sweat and tears. We have done the Lords work. Now tonight it is time that we let God do his work once again in us. Tonight I ask one more time for you to pray for a harvest here in Guatemala. I ask you to pray for a harvest that will not remain hidden to you in the hills of Guatemala. I beg you to pray for a harvest that will be taken home with us tomorrow on the plane. I beg of you to pray that the Holy Spirit will bring about change and renewal in the hearts of this precious team of students and adults who have faithfully answered the call: “Who will go?”
Tonight as we spend time together in Guatemala one last time in singing and looking at God’s Word, we will also be offered the call to come forward and lay our lives at the feet of the one who sent us. To offer our hearts as Christ’s Home where he will not only be our guest but will be our owner, master and friend. Tonight, the harvest will be rich again and lives will be changed forever. Please pray for your precious loved ones here as God is about to do His work once again. I pray to for you back home that your heart will also receive a calling. A calling to step out of your comfort zone and answer the call: “Who will go?”. I pray that your answer as you turn off the TV and Computer, as you lay down your phones and your I-pods, as you let go of your worries for things that distract you, that your answer would also be: “Here am I –Send Me!”
Thank you for your support and prayers as this journey would not have happened without you. May God bless you for your part in this amazing adventure. I can’t wait to bring home 33 lives that have been touched and used by God.
In His Grip,
Kevin Van Wyhe

Continue to pray for their travel tonight!

19 Jun

I know that many of you will be checking the blog tonight and are up reading everyones posts so when I received this email, I knew I needed to get it out to you! 🙂  It is from Paradise Bound (probably Heidi) letting us know that the team is over the worst of the travel but still have 2 hours to go.  Please continue to pray for their safety!  Thank you for all the prayers this week. They have felt your prayers and God is blessing this trip!

In His Grip,

Kristy Van Wyhe


Sun 6/19/2011 11:01 PM

Dear Intercessors,

Thank you for your prayers this evening.  The team has had an incredible night of ministry and is already past the worse sections of the roads to travel tonight.  They still have probably two hours of travel time, but are making good progress.

Sunday Morning

19 Jun

5:30 Am

Good Morning from Guatemala.  I am sitting here at the base again in absolute peace and quiet.  The sun is just coming up and the view is absolutely spectacular.  Layers of clouds are blanketing the valleys and the mountain peaks and the volcano top is breaking through giving an amazing “good morning from God”.   Even this incredible view pales in comparison to the powerful image I still have in my mind of the people who were on their knees surrounded by our team, accepting Jesus as their personal savior.

Last night we once again witnessed an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  As we entered the beautiful mountain top village we immediately felt a nervousness on the faces of the people there.  Our team full of gringos had to seem very scary even though we came armed only with love for these people.  Slowly the team began to break down the barriers and the children began to respond.  The children are always the first to accept our love and embrace us with their own.  How interesting it is that it is the child like faith that God wants most  from us.

After the Jesus film was shown our team got up front and sang some songs and 5 of our team got up in front and shared their testimonies.  This is one of my favorite parts of the trip, watching your sons and daughters get up and with boldness and faith share what Christ means to them.  It is through their words and tears combined with the love that has been shown to them prior that I believe Christ becomes real to the people in the villages.  Last night Christ’s love was shown in amazing ways and we witnessed dozens and dozens of people come forward to accept the gift of eternal life.  The memories of last night I know will be seared in the minds of the team members as well as the people of the village.  Through your prayers an amazing harvest was seen and a lot of seeds were planted in this village.  God is Good!

Our devotions Yesterday were around the words of Jesus found in John 12:24 where Jesus is telling his disciples of what is about to happen and he also gives us a picture of the calling he places in those who want to follow him.  “I TELL YOU THE TRUTH, UNLESS A KERNAL OF WHEAT FALLS TO THE GROUND AND DIES, IT REMAINS ONLY A SINGLE SEED.  BUT IF IT DIES, IT PRODUCES MANY SEEDS.  THE MAN WHO LOVES HIS LIFE WILL LOSE IT, WHILE THE MAN WHO HATES HIS LIFE IN THIS WORLD WILL KEEP IT FOR ETERNAL LIFE.”  These words are powerful and true.  God has created us for a purpose.  To have a relationship with him.  In this world he has given us a single task and that is to bear fruit, fruit that will last.

Every one of us, including you and I, struggle with putting this purpose of bearing fruit as the number one priority in life.  Here it is easy because there is nothing else distracting us and fighting for our time and energy.  We only have to focus on the spiritual battle at hand.   I think often we are afraid we are going to miss out on something that will bring us happiness.  It is that fear that keeps us from being willing to let go of ourselves and die in this world.  In John 16:33 Jesus also gives us these words: “I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”

In this life we should expect to face difficulties because of our faith.  In fact if we are not facing challenges because of the way we live for God maybe it is because Satan has nothing to worry.

Today we are in the last leg of the race that we are running.  The village is about 2 ½ hours away and has some difficult roads.  Please pray for our safety again and that we will endure to the final moments as we challenge a whole new set of precious people to accept the gift of eternal life.  We can’t thank you enough for your prayers this week and in the days yet to come.  May God bless you as you serve him in this way.  You all are very important to us.

Now I am off to go for a run in the beautiful mountains.

In His grip,

Kevin Van Wyhe

Saturday Morning – Tears of Joy

18 Jun


Saturday – 5:30 AM

The puddle of tears on the concrete floor at her feet was growing as the sobs of joy reigned uncontrollably over the woman standing next to me.  Her prayers were finally being answered as these words were being spoken by the family of six on their knees inside the home.  En este momente, entra mi corazone, cambia mi vida, etransfoma me, escribe mi nombre in el libra de vida.  In this moment, enter my heart, change my life, transform me, write my name in the bood of life.  This womans passion for this family that they would come to know Christ was so evident in that moment.  Nothing else mattered to her  in that moment.  She could have been jelous that this family was receiving a new home and many gifts that will make life easier for them.  But even as she knew that her night would still be spent in her corn stalk home she cared only that this family would be joining her one day in the eternal home that she clearly was confident would be hers one day.

Where does this passion come from?  I can’t think of many moments in my life where I have actually seen someone weep for joy enough that a puddle as large as a dinner plate would form at their feet.  I can’t think of many moments where I have witnessed such self sacrifice and concern for the souls of those who are lost.  Why is this something that is rarely seen or heard in the states?  Why do so many other things in life become so much more important than reaching the lost souls that are around us?  Why is it that we spend so much time focused on things that we know are not going to last?  How can we find passion that focuses on seeing the lost be found?

These questions are ones that have haunted me year after year as I come to Guatemala and am confronted with my own weaknesses and short comings.  Back home there is always something that is fighting for my time and my energy.  As I witnessed God moving yet again through the prayers of this team and the team made up of you back home, I am grateful to be here and humbled that God has chosen me to be here once again and I pray that I can take just a fraction of the passion of this Godly woman back home with me when I return.

Yesterday the tipping point of eternity was seen over and over as young and old repeated those words that bring life eternal.  Over and over your prayers and ours were answered as home after home was filled with team members and precious people from the village responding to the call of our maker, savior, and friend. 

Today we prepare to enter the battle field again.  Shortly after noon we will leave the base.  We will be traveling about an hour and a half to a mountain village in need of medical care and spiritual healing.  We will arrive at the village some time around 4:PM in Michigan.  Please pray for safe travel there.  Pray for open hearts  as we prepare the village for the message of Christ.  Pray that the team will be able to connect especially with the precious children as they are usually the ones who are most open to receiving our love.  As the children open their hearts, pray too that the families open theirs and that the message from Hermano Jesus would once again find its mark in the hearts of those in this village who are lost.

Pray too for the team that their hearts will be broken for the things that break God’s heart.  Pray that through our devotions and singing their hearts will be prepared to answer the calling to share their testimonies.  Pray that we will find just a portion of the passion that we witnessed in the woman standing in the door way with a puddle at her feet.  Pray that we will stay healthy.  Pray for our team as God is doing His work in us as we serve Him.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us tonight and for the rest of our time here.

In His Grip,

Kevin Van Wyhe

Dedication Day

18 Jun

Today we started out finishing sanding the walls, and then we moved on to the fun part: painting! We decorated the walls and put in the pretty curtains so that the houses looked nice and ready for dedication. Beans and rice were for lunch again, which like always were amazing! Then we prepared ourselves spiritually to dedicate the houses one by one. We started out with the widow’s house. We presented the gifts and she was very thankful. She listened as Dan and Hermano Jesus spoke to her about God, but she was not ready to accept just yet. There are still things she is struggling with and we ask for your prayers for her, and she even asked us to pray for her. All the other houses accepted Christ as their savior, even the last family which we thought would be a struggle. The father of that family was still a little unsure but he accepted anyway. Please be in prayer for him that his confidence in Christ would grow. There was a girl from around the village who asked to pray the salvation prayer, even though she wasn’t in one the families that we were building houses for. We praised God for his work and his love in all of our lives with singing and clapping, which Hermano Jesus led with his guitar. Thank you for all your prayers back home; as the Bible says, “The prayer of a righteous man in powerful and effective.” Please continue to pray for the Guatemalans and for the missionaries here that work so hard.
This post has been brought to you by Kristina, Lori, Nate, Riley, Jenna, Drew, and Ryan…..and by the way, Nate says “hi” to his mom. 😀